Stories of Faith

A Life of Devotion to the Lord

“My heart’s desire, on those Sundays, was always to go back to FBC Jenks. One of my prayers was to find a church that had a multi-generational aspect to it. None of my grandparents are still living, but I had several women from the church, a couple which were old enough to be my grandparents, who were willing to spend time with me and invest in my life. I officially joined FBC Jenks November 2, 2017. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The way the Lord has used the church and the people in the church in my life has been so instrumental in my faith.”

Kallin Smith
A Life of Saving for the Lord

“My goal is to greet every single person who comes up that sidewalk. I look at it as my job and I need to be there. We don’t miss many Sundays. We love the church. As long as I can, I am going to stand on my post. I can’t stand a real long time anymore, but as long as I can, I will be there.”

Ernest Glenn Benge
A Life Of Discipleship for Christ

“God made me a curious person. Growing up, I was sheltered, and I really had no clue about all the ideas and other forms of religion across the globe. I asked myself, ‘do I believe what I believe because this is what my parents and Sunday school teachers have taught me, or is this actually what I believe as truth?’ I really investigated my faith.”

Jacob Jones
A Life Of Connecting with Others for the Lord

“I don’t think there has been a time since then that God hasn’t put someone in my life to pray for who is struggling with having a child … There hasn’t been a time since then I haven’t been praying for God to bring another child into this world.”

Jessica Bear
A Life Of Faithfulness to the Lord

“When I go through something challenging, I ask God what He wants to show me and what He wants me to show other people for Him. It’s really neat to see how God has been so faithful. The opportunity to go to college, get a job, get married and become a mom … it’s like God is telling me your disability is not going to stop me from using you. It’s very humbling to look back to when I thought of myself as not worthy. He has always reminded me that I am worthy in His eyes because He made me.”

Allissah Anderson
A Life of Trusting in the Lord

“I just remember tearing up with tears of joy. I was 17 and acutely aware of God’s presence throughout that process. More than the monetary gift was the gift to a young teen that God really IS in control and is ALWAYS with me.”

Debbie Gill
A Life of Service for God

“I grew up in a church where if there were 200 people on a Sunday in a single service we were lucky. Then our church in east Tulsa was also small. Rick (Frie) sold us on this church and the community we have there. Everyone is ready to help and is willing to do whatever they can to help. It is a family. Working there now, I see it even more. I see what they do and the outreach they have. Rick is a spokesperson for God. From day one, we have felt like a part of the family.”

Craig Murray
A Life Transformed

“I just felt this overwhelming desire to pull over onto the side of the road and my life has been different ever since,” Bart said. “God put a fire in me. He took a person that was completely turned away from Him and gave me that one opportunity to surrender and I did. I’m so thankful for that.”

Bart Hoffman
A Life of Healing

“God gave me a picture of a golden staircase coming down over top of that hot tub. I didn’t see the Lord at first but I heard Stephanie’s giggle and her laugh, she had a contagious laugh. He was holding her in His right arm and she was playing with His hair and pulling on His beard. She was doing all kinds of stuff, happy just babbling like crazy, and He said Cyndy she is just fine, I have got her and I’m going to take care of her.”

Cyndy Ellis
A Special Journey to Jesus

“The first Christmas gift I ever received came from First Baptist Jenks,” Cheryl said. “After they left our house that night, I asked my mom why would they do that? They don’t know us. She said it’s just like we used to knock on doors, it’s just what they do. I thought to myself, I’ve knocked on doors trying to tell people who I thought God was, they knocked on doors and are meeting needs and giving gifts.”

Cheryl Ivey
A life of service for the Lord

“It was such a huge answer to prayer,” Bridget said. “The Lord brought me into a church community that I really needed. I started to rely on the Lord again and wanted to refocus on what I knew the Lord had for me. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be missions, but I knew it was going to be something international.”

Bridget Lawrence
A Life of Obedience to the Lord

“I was 51, had a great position in a great company that I had been with for 33 years, but God was telling me there was something else. We struggled with it for six months, but it just became more apparent that I was supposed to retire and go work for our church.”

Ron Males
A Life of Following God’s Direction

“There have been plenty of days of tears from me and tears from them. There have been many days where I have doubted that I am doing the right thing. But God has continued to give me the endurance and patience to push forward. My husband is 1000% supportive. Any time I have had struggles, he is there to listen. We know this is what God has for us and we are just going to keep trusting Him.”

Cheyenne Alexander
A life of Music for the Lord

“The Lord was on me one day at church. I kept having this strong feeling that I needed to do something. I could feel the Lord tugging at me saying, ‘Okay, so what are you going to do?’. It was at that time I saw an old mandolin on the stage. It belonged to the pastor’s wife. Singing was a big thing in the church. I could hear the Lord telling me it was time to get busy, so I asked about the mandolin and she told me to take it.”

Randy Fulbright
A Life of Trusting in God’s Plan

There were times where it was hard to pray. But there were times that is all we could do along the way. I think through prayer is where God gives you some answers and some of the little nuggets along the way to help you get through it. We are told to pray, but you have to listen. If we are constantly talking, we don’t ever have the chance to hear Him.”

Sarah Hofer
A Life of Transformation for Christ

“One of the most heart-wrenching times was when she (Paige) was old enough and had realized what had happened to her, she was able to understand. She made the decision to forgive the lady (neighbor). For her to do that … she knew that was the thing to do … she is a Christian, but to hear her express that, it’s hard to put into words.”

Robert Cantrell