Stories of Faith

A Life Transformed

“I just felt this overwhelming desire to pull over onto the side of the road and my life has been different ever since,” Bart said. “God put a fire in me. He took a person that was completely turned away from Him and gave me that one opportunity to surrender and I did. I’m so thankful for that.”

Bart Hoffman
A Life of Healing

“God gave me a picture of a golden staircase coming down over top of that hot tub. I didn’t see the Lord at first but I heard Stephanie’s giggle and her laugh, she had a contagious laugh. He was holding her in His right arm and she was playing with His hair and pulling on His beard. She was doing all kinds of stuff, happy just babbling like crazy, and He said Cyndy she is just fine, I have got her and I’m going to take care of her.”

Cyndy Ellis
A Special Journey to Jesus

“The first Christmas gift I ever received came from First Baptist Jenks,” Cheryl said. “After they left our house that night, I asked my mom why would they do that? They don’t know us. She said it’s just like we used to knock on doors, it’s just what they do. I thought to myself, I’ve knocked on doors trying to tell people who I thought God was, they knocked on doors and are meeting needs and giving gifts.”

Cheryl Ivey